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Identify KoL and map influence

Objectively rank top influencers based on network centrality and reach

Identify KoLs

Visualize complex healthcare networks in depth and with greater accuracy

Superior HCO/HCP affiliations


Detailed entity hierarchy

Understand the true structure of health systems beyond simple parent-child relationships

Entity Hierarchy

Work with us to solve your specific challenges using our data platform

Specialized data needs

Specialized data needs

Maximize commercial value with our healthcare data

"The data itself is a strong point. It’s clearly organized, having access to the schema is great, and the table structure & ID structure are super intuitive."

Chris Hemphill

Director - Learning & Enablement

Influence Health

"Compile's data on HCP demographics and practice affiliations was robust and clean. We were able to seamlessly integrate it into our Customer Mastering process."

Varsha Damle

Director - Commercial Effectiveness‎

Aimmune Therapeutics

Leading life-sciences companies rely on our healthcare data 

Roivant Sciences

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